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Whenever I try to withdraw more then 10k from ATMs of Bank other then the Bank with which I hold the ATM card, It declines the transaction with error code "61 - Exceeds withdrawal amount limits". But when I try to withdraw more then 10k from the ATM of my bank, it dispenses cash without any issue. 

I observed this happening with SBI, HDFC, ICICI debit/ ATM cards. 

Even though I checked limit in the respective apps, it shows limit as 40k. 

Anyone knows why this is happening, and is there any workaround on this. 

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The max limit for withdrawal from other bank ATM is 10K, I think this is same for all banks.

Even for same bank, i remember the max pieces an ATM machine can give is 40.

So considering 500 as max currency note now, so I think max 20k can be withdrawn even from same bank even though you have set any other value for max limit of ATM withdrawal.

I would like to know if anyone has been able to withdraw more than 20k even from same bank's ATM.

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Hello  @Stone_man
This could be due to interbank withdrawal limits set by the ATM networks. Your bank may allow higher withdrawals from its own ATMs to promote customer retention. Contact your bank to inquire about raising the interbank withdrawal limit or consider making multiple withdrawals if needed. 

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Will do that. Thanks

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