Auto debit credit card bill payment

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I have SBI cashback, Yes booster  credit card.

Have sbi savings account BUT NO YES bank savings account.

I want auto debit these.

How it possible. 

Previously I tried sbi and it goes some other site don't clearly understand that amount payable........terms  .

Please help 

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Almost every card issuer has nach mandate auto debit, alongwith self bank standing instruction, have you tried those?

Seems you got burnt well out of a delinquent CC bill recently...

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NACH is the main issue to me. Fedup with many options to select no idea which option to be selected.

When trying it ask for amount to be paid like question . I entered 10000, a dialogue box came saying  I have to keep balance on that date.

If the bill is 10000, i already paid 9000 other sites , what amount NACH will deduct?

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