Auto driver returns Rs 10,000 he got through wrong UPI transfer

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Auto driver returns Rs 10,000 he got through wrong UPI transfer:

Bengaluru: While auto drivers in Bengaluru often draw flak for overcharging and refusing to ply, a 58-year-old driver from Chamarajpet gave his passenger reason to cheer.

Auto driver Gopi R promptly returned Rs 10,000 that was erroneously transferred to him after one ride.

At 7.30am on Monday, Shiva Kumar G, an IT consultant and lawyer, boarded Gopi’s auto from Anand Rao Circle. His destination was Rajajinagar. At the end of the ride, the fare came to Rs 120, which Kumar paid using an UPI (Unified Payments Interface) application on his phone.

Later in the day, one of Kumar’s friends needed Rs 10,000 and asked him to transfer the money through the same app. However, Kumar by mistake ended up sending the amount to Gopi instead of his friend.

A shocked Kumar was unsure how to get the money back, as the amount was significantly large. But Gopi put all his apprehensions to rest when he learnt about the transaction. “Kumar called me when I was ferrying a passenger in my auto. Until then, I was not aware of the transaction. Later, when I checked my bank balance, I realised the amount I had was more than what it should have been. I confirmed to Kumar about receiving the money, but didn’t know how to operate the application on my own. I was able to get some help and successfully return the money to the rightful owner,” Gopi told TOI.

Kumar tried to guide him through the process on the phone and was relieved when the money reached him.

“I was full of appreciation for the auto driver. I submitted a letter detailing this incident to the city police commissioner and they too have taken note of his honesty and kindness. We should value and respect people who are ethical, so that their stories spread and society can learn from them,” said Kumar.

“I have financial constraints and at times, even struggle to pay rent. But in no way will I keep someone else’s hard- earned money. If I work hard, I am sure others do too,” said Gopi.

He used to drive heavy vehicles, but had to change his line of work due to unavailability of transportation assignments following the pandemic.

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