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Avoid NoBroker Rental Service


Hey Dimers, I am sharing my recent experience with NoBroker for their Rental service.

So, I bought their Relax plan, to be relaxed from hassle of searching room for Rent.

It is a plan of 3499+GST, with 45 Days validity, where nobroker, gives a dedicated RM, who will find Room and arrange meeting with owners.

It has been more than 11 days and not a single suggestion came from them.

1st two days- We are having some technical issue to find RM

3rd Day- Dedicated RM be like- "due to some technical issue, iam not able to see your requirements. 

later Sir, I have noted your requirement and searching properties for you.

4th Day- Sir, There is some technical issue, so I am unable to share any leads.😬

5th Day- same reply

6th Day- same reply

I have asked how many times you use same reply?

RM- we have escalated the issue, we are trying to get it fixed ASAP.

7th Day- RM is on leave

8th Day-11th Day- Similar hackneyed replies + RM is on leave.

Whenever I call on RM number, it says busy, Call is registered, RM will call back but RM never calls back.

I have asked for refund since not a single suggestion provided, they says Refund not possible.😠

That's my experience, if any of you wanna find room on rent, use 99Acres which is free. Avoid these White Collar Frauds.

Nobroker is quiet known so went ahead to buy the plan. I thought paid plan is better to save time and avoid hassle, but it turned out to be more hassle.

Just read this on Quora, how they are faking their good services-
Yes. NoBroker is a SCAM. Here are 2 instances -
  1. I purchased the Rent Agreement service. NoBroker took the payment and did not care to draft and send my Rent Agreement. At last, I had to draft the entire agreement and send it to NoBroker so that they could get the printout and send me a copy. Their agents and lawyers did not even have the time and courtesy to proofread the draft before printing the agreement on stamp paper.
  2. I booked a Movers Service. I made the advance payment. The date of shifting came. The entire day and night passed, and no pickup NoBroker truck came. I called their Customer Care service more than 20 times, I received no alternate mover service. At last, I had to threaten them with legal consequences, then they refunded my advance payment.
Their money-back guarantee is also a SCAM!
Please do your research. And please do not trust the fake reviews planted by NoBroker through Jaideep Singh Aryan Khan, Sunit, Santhosh, Kalyan Nair, Aswin Kumar, Niraja Nalini, Juan George, and Reshma Syam. All their comments poured in on Feb 11 are similar. One year before Feb 11, there were also “criticisms”. These fans of NoBroker follow each other on Quora. So well orchestrated scam. Don’t trust them and don’t trust NoBroker.
** The name mentioned above for fake review, some are as below-


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3.5K + GST for Just 45 Days. This is worse than the Broker System and they call themselves no broker.

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Paid via Credit Card? Use chargeback if you are not satisfied with their service

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Tried to raise chargeback request with ICICI but they are saying, if merchant is denying refund, we cannot do anything. You should directly ask for refund from merchant.

We will raise chargeback request if merchant denies of any payment received or failed payment blah blah.

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first thought about this but there is no point in wasting more time for Rs.3500

Refund ka pata nhi par experience jaroor mil gya

and may be this will be helpful to others so shared.

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Although, I did some research but that was not enough.

Read some scams which were related to fake listing by frauds outside of Nobroker, but never taken this in to account that Nobroker itself can be scam.

Perhaps, I should have done more research before opting for paid plan.

Now found this on linkedin

Key points mentioned here.

Brand Enthusiast Brand Enthusiast
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Good post. Might be saving many dimers hard earned money

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3.5K + GST for Just 45 Days. This is worse than the Broker System and they call themselves no broker.

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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Which city?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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their all services are bad....

booked for ac servicing..

guy never came and was cancelled...got done with  urban company then.

booked relocation services... cancelled at last moment... had to book urgently with porter than....

in all instances I choose no broker because their prices was much lower .. but not going to use it even if they lower the prices even more.

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