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Axis Ace card approved but flipkart axis rejected

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My brother's Axis Ace card has been approved today with a credit limit of 40k. (From Google pay banner)
No income proof was required.
Not even a verification call.
No cibil enquiry.
No prior relation with axis bank.

Applied on 23rd.
Vkyc on 24th.
Approved today.

3 days back his application for flipkart axis bank card application was rejected.

Does this imply that in case of co-branded cards the right for card rejection/approval lies with the brand?
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2 simultaneous ongoing CC applications and both might not get processed due to technical reason/bank policies so one was disqualified and the other processed I guess... Now, did he apply simultaneously?

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Are you sure no CIBIL inquiry?
As far as I know, Google pay offer is not a pre-approved offer.

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Every time a CIBIL inquiry is done we instantly get following SMS and email 

"Alert from TransUnion CIBIL - Your CIBIL Report has changed."

But in either of this applications no communication from CIBIL was there.

I will reconfirm it though.
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Only one application at a time ..

You will receive email for rejection like You already have 1 active application that's why we are cancelling this request..

Happened with me one kyc was pending and mean time I applied freecharge it got rejected stating same reason

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@Agnivo007 Oh ok. It might be possible.

For flipkart axis document pickup was done on 17th. and the status was under review till 21st Dec.

Axis ace was applied on 21st while the fk axis application was under review.

The fk axis card was rejected on 22nd citing internal policy, although I did not get any email for rejection.

Below is the screenshot of flipkart axis status page.


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Should have kept a gap of at least 6 months. My FK Axis got approved, next month I applied for MyZone and it got rejected only because of this reason as per their support team. 

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I already have flipkart axis. It is good that his application got rejected.
He just applied out of curiosity on seeing the banner OR maybe because I have all the 5% cashback cards like Millennia, apay icici, flipkart axis. While he only has ICICI coral and BoB Easy. 😄

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How to get Axis Ace banner in GPay?

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Not sure what's algorithm of Google pay to show that banner. My brother got it while I didn't.

But here is my guess:

He has a credit card saved in his Google pay app.  The credit limit of Ace card is slightly lower than that saved card.

Also, my Gpay email address is different from the email which is linked to my credit cards.

Try saving an old credit card with good limit in your Gpay app.

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Apply link

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No common apply link. It's an Invitation link only for exclusive Gpay users.

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The congratulatory message showed Approved limit as 40k but he has received the card today and the approved limit is 15k. 🥲

Raised a complaint with PNO and ace cards support.

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The approved card might doing internship. 🛸
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Getting this banner.. but after clicking 


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Same happened to me twice. 
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Mine card approved 

We are pleased to inform you that your Axis

Bank Credit Card application with reference no. XXXXXXX has been
approved and the card will be delivered at your registered address

How many days will take to delivery 

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3-4 days 

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