AXIS ACE SHOWING WITH NO JOINING FEES in Pre-Approved section of Axis App, Already having FK and Myzone, should i go for this or ignore ??

Others Showing

1. Indian Oil ( Paid )

2. Neo ( LTF )

3. Samsung Signature ( Paid )

4. Airtel Axis ( Paid )

So Should i go for it or ignore all others too ?

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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I think it's FYF only if u spend 20k in 3 months. Atleast that was the case for me.

Firestorm Firestorm
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Showing Joining Fees 0 and Annual Fees 500
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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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You didn't shared your other banks cards...

Anyway my opinion

Afaik Ace features r

5% cb on recharge and bill payments via gpay ( except insurance afaik) if u ve sbi cb card/hdfc millennia( if u know the tricks), no need of ace

1.5% cb on all online and offline txns, if you already ve hsbc cb card, no need of ace

Both r cb cards...afaik for ace also we need to spend 2L in 1 yr

Personally i feel hsbc card is better, because for some categories, it's giving 10% cb

So if u don't ve above mentioned cards, then you can apply, based on your requirements/needs

Firestorm Firestorm
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Others i Have  Icici Apay, Snapdeal BOB
I Need 5% Cashback Card So i Can Close FK
Bt main Main Prob is i can't Apply for SBI and HDFC cards  bcz they link other person cards whenever i try to apply.

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Savings Mentor Savings Mentor
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Are your My Zone and FlipKard LTF?

About the SBI and HDFC issue, you can approach RBI ombudsman and seek a heavy compensation for this kind of nonsense.

Firestorm Firestorm
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Both was paid bt last years on Call made Myzone Free.

Loans and cards removed from CIBIL after fighting with bank so never reached RBI

Blaze Blaze
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Is  Axis Ace CC still worth?
I have to spend 88k within a month to reach 2L for Annual Fee wavier.

Firestorm Firestorm
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Seems something again appeared in CIBIL, 4 continuous Mail received from CIBIL.

Now have to wait 5 days to check free report

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