Axis Bank - rejects CC but calls for Personal loan 🤯

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Not sure if other dimers have faced this with Axis bank(or any other bank for that matter)

I have been rejected outright by Axis Bank for all Credit cards that I have applied (Axis ACE, Axis My Zone, Axis Kiwi). But all of a sudden now I get a call from Axis Bank out of blue for personal loan... that too when I have no formal relation (no saving account, no FD etc. ) with Axis Bank 

What's going on 🤯

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Au bank is doing same thing for me they are ready to give personal loan, business loan, home loan, car loan, bike loan etc but everytime i apply for credit card they instantly reject it fyi i already have savings account with them
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Au bank shows me apply after 6 months every time i check and it's already over 10 months

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I am not complaining that they are annoying with calls for loans. I am shocked that they are not okay with giving CC but are okay giving loans. WHAT A LOGIC!!!

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Same happened with me

They rejected my zone Ltf application

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