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Both me and my wife has salary account at axis bank my account code is showing as SAPPM and hers SAPPR, i was trying to add her account in family banking via axis bank app but its showing error that her account is not eligible for family banking. Please guide why this error is showing and what can be done.
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Axis is like that, its not error rather there is no option to link

They show option but it won't work 99% times. Visit branch and get it done.

Add on card appl won't move beyond address, and I rcvd email saying "we understnad you are not interested in addon card"..😄

I wanted to change branch, app notification also rcvd but did not work, finally visited nearest branch.

In another account wanted to change mobile number but ATM does not allow, even branch could not do, some error they also do not know, after a week back end team corrected them ATM-way worked

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Let them rot to hell...(axis)

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