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Chose axis IOCL instead of myzone  card against FD. Do we get 1% value back on UPI spends? Will get 4% cashback as promised at IOCL outlets (on card swipe and UPI) ? Or any disputes like having to use at Paytm machine or any things I should know before using.
Since I don't use BMS/swiggy much chose iocl card and my basic spends are UPI and fuel.
I got a message as rs500+gst joining andannual fee any way to convert it to LTF?
Can add on link his card to UPI?

Thanks for ur response
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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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getting IOCL card against FD?

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S, min 20k fd, limit will 80% of fd.

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No, UPI rp limit is way less. It was like 0.25% or something

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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Forget about LTF,

Annual Fee waiver was 50K, Now it is 3.5L
So, i closed the Card

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Thanks for letting me know bro, just now closed FD

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