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It has come to my notice that AU Bank is conducting hard inquiries on CIBIL reports even when their credit card services are not available in certain PIN codes. This means that individuals are being subjected to unnecessary checks on their credit history without even having the availability for credit card from AU Bank in their PIN code

It's essential for financial institutions to prioritize responsible lending practices and ensure that hard inquiries are made only when necessary and justified. Conducting inquiries without offering services in a particular PIN Code area seems unjust and could potentially harm individuals' credit scores.

I urge AU Bank to review their policies and ensure that the availability of credit card services is checked before initiating hard inquiries on CIBIL reports. Transparency and fairness should be the first priority of all banking practices. Let's spread awareness about this issue and advocate for better practices in the banking sector.

If AU Bank don't rectify this issue, don't hesitate to complain to RBI Banking Ombudsman

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Worthy read as majority might be unaware.

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Just inquisitive about what do other banks do in such scenarios?

Take for example Amex is not available in all PIN codes, do they stop doing cibil check when pin code is not serviceable ?

Additionally Few months back, I was going through an eligibility check of ICICI bank where they did cibil check and then started asking about income and other personal details via some 3rd party aggregators which I denied to do. For no rhyme or reason they hit my cibil.

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IDFC does the same. Ignore such banks.

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I have no problem if Credit card is offered to me after hard enquiry. AU BANK doing hard enquiry even though their service is not available in my PIN CODE. I will not get AU credit card even though I am eligible. That is bad practice of unnecessary hard enquiry.
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AXIS bank does not make hard enquiry untill cards offer page. Axis shows the offered cards as per profile and does hard enquiry after application submission.

Even Indusind does not make hard enquiry if credit card not available in PIN CODE.

AU BANK is doing bad practice and their system needs to be rectified by RBI intervention.

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This same thing happened with me.

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