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I understood that with base branch transfer account number will not change .
But Will changing the branch will change my account IFSC code ?
As I get few mutual fund dividends where the account number and IFSC codes are mentioned , will my dividend credit from the respective paying entities will impacted due to change in IFSC code ?

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Yes, Upon changing the Branch, IFSC will also changed, and all the payments coming with old IFSC from MFs/entities will also get failed.

My Friend faced this with ICICI Bank/SBI.

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IFSC will change. 

with ICICI change of IFSC wont impact...payment will still go through your account.  Mine IFSC has changed like 3 times with ICICI and all my incoming payments still go through.

With the way Banks give account numbers this days, IFSC is just to identify the bank. Branch identification is not required

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My query is related to ICICI only, as @Rajkotian mentioned his friend got issues in ICICI so just want to double confirm , your incoming payments were pre linked with some entities before branch changed and you need not to notify them about IFSC change 
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