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Bank email - Active number present in TRAI MNRL

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Hello everyone!!

I received an email from my bank that my registered number is included in Mobile Number Revocation List(MNRL) list by TRAI which is published every month in public domain.

First, my number is active and running well - so this mail is a surprise 

Second, the MNRL website i tried to access - is inaccessible - this being a government website is not really a surprise though.

They have asked me to either update my number with them by visiting branch or through app which is a unwanted as i dont want to change it but will have to it looks like.

Anyone else faced this issue? If not keep a check at your never know..what you can come your way when 

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Today got mail from my another bank (CC linked) that your number is in MNRL list. They too want me to update the number with them by sending some physical form 😡

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Check mnrl site working now

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Yes, i downloaded the list and found my number there along with lakhs of other numbers 😫 But i am still amazed how an active number can land in this list.

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My 1st bank put a debit hold on my account because of this. I had to change my number and then it kept hold for 3 days before I could use the bank account normally.

I thought to write to TRAI to ask how they can put my active number in the list but dropped the idea.

2nd bank also mailed that they found my number in TRAI but if I have that number still I can ignore the email which i did.

3rd bank - Mailed and asked me to update number by sending some physical form to them - I have not done so and will probably not do...will see if they too hold it or what...

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Thank you for the update

Will it be possible for you to attach the mnrl list here? The website is down for me.

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The list I have is of last month. Every month it issues new list. It was down earlier for me as well and then after checking again after few days it worked. 

If last month's one is required let me know, will upload and share link. It will be a zip file containing 10-11 files(pdf and excel)

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