Bank providing cheapest Rupay Platinum Debit card with high limits

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Friends please help me with the Banks which provide Rupay Platinum Debit card at lowest annual fees as well as with higher daily POS and e-commerce limit. If anyone can post a comparison of different banks with their respective annual fees towards Rupay Platinum Debit card and its limits?

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nsdl. I am not sure if you are buying it for Amazon offer (this ends on March 2021). Also most of the offers are ending in early 2021.

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card limit decide by bank and card variant.

you will get higher limit on RuPay Platinum debit card, RuPay Select debit card or ICICI RuPay Coral debit card, ICICI RuPay Rubyx debit card, ICICI RuPay Sapphiro debit card.