BankBazaar sending credit report via WhatsApp and email

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I have been receiving credit score change alert message from BankBazaar for the past few months on WhatsApp.

I have never contacted or registered with BankBazaar. I blocked them on WhatsApp but I am also receiving emails from BankBazaar since Jan'24.
The text of the most recent email is :

Hi there,

Gentle Reminder!

Your APR'24 Credit Score Just changed!

Tap the link to view your latest credit report.

Should I be worried or can i safely ignore this email from Team BankBazaar <[email protected]> ?

I don't know how BankBazaar got my mobile number and email ID.

Why is BankBazaar sending this email? What should I do ? 

Appreciate any advice or experience that you can share.

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I don't know why they stopped sending it to me😞

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Hhace you applied any CC recently through agent ?

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Yes, but not through agent. Mostly pre-approved.
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It is safe and hve been receiving whatsapp/mail from both paisa & Bankbazaar and checking CIBIL/Experian from them on monthly basis

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