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Deal Subedar

Users are shocked by the rapid spread of the ‘Pink WhatsApp’ virus in most WhatsApp groups in Tamil Nadu.

In the integrated district of Vellore, a link quickly spread between WhatsApp groups at 5:45 p.m. on Friday.

In it, for the attention of team friends, the link REMOVED has been officially introduced in WhatsApp by Pink WhatsApp, with new additional functions.

Once that link is open, it spreads quickly to all WhatsApp user groups. With over 200 members in those WhatsApp groups, users were shocked when the link quickly spread across all WhatsApp groups again with a single tap.

It instantly destroyed the fast-spreading pink WhatsApp link in more than 10 groups. Shocked WhatsApp users are spreading a virus called Pink watsup that no one should open or download, that a link like this is being sent on WhatsApp, and that no one should try to open a link like this, and that link should not be open to Anyone. Users of WhatsApp groups have been warned not to send.

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