Best 6GB+128GB 5G phone

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Looking for 6GB+128GB 5G phone..Need to buy tomorrow

Which one is better F23 5G (6GB) Vs M33 5G (6GB)

Both are priced at 16K (excluding CC/bank offers)

No gaming

Best SOT main priority, better display & screen protection, better rear camera, auto call recording without announcement, better signal reception (user lives somewhat far from town), will be used for atleast 3 years ..updates are must, must support airtel 5G bands

Another option I'm considering is moto G62 5G (6GB) priced at 15.5k

Specs comparison: 

If any other suggestions pls comment


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every google dialer has that orgasm announcement. can be gagged.

better buy Samsung for piss of mynd and every better shit you want as per the post 🥰

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You can consider oneplus also. They are good.
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My friend has both.

M33 5G he bought for his dad and F23 5G for himself.

According to him , both are neck and neck when compared.

M33 5G has better battery life, better network reception.

F23 5G has better rear secondary camera Ultra wide, has NFC so full Samsung Pay support, light in weight,

had Snapdragon Processor.

M33 5G has 2 useless 2 MP cameras , F23 has 1 useless 2MP camera.

Looks can be personal but I feel F23 is better.

Overall if I were you , I would buy F23

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Bought F23 5G for My Mother - Killer Device at this Price from Samsung!

Initially I also researched and found 3 Mobiles which is same as like you and did watch all  the videos and later on found out that F23 5G is better because of snapdragon long term support and weight is light compared to M33 and also EXYNOS heats a lot so M33 was anyways out and mom didn't like MOTO smartphones os opted for F23 its a very good device!


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