Best Alternative for Simply click Credit Card in SBI?

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Anyone please suggest what is the best alternative for Simply click SBI Card. It was good earlier but now reward structure is too post. Every month they reduced rewards points in one or some another reason.

For example: Last month I had 800 reward points, there was no point to expire. In this statement my points are only 280. No clarification or details of losing those points. 

Card Features Needed

Online reward points 

travel rewards
Fees 500 around

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I guess sbi reverses the points added for those transactions where instant discount was given as a bank discount. They had sent an email stating that the rewards wont be given for such transactions 

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One word answer: None.

More than one word answer: There is no card worth taking from sbi other than simplyclick unless it is sbi cashback card & you are willing to pay 1k+gst annual fee.

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Pulse it is literally worth every penny for me. You get 1 year fitpass membership for free which would cost around7k you can say.

Whats the catch ?

You can only access the gym  max 3 times in a week.

For all days of the week access fitpass if you go out to buy it is 4000 per quarter.

Man that fitpass gives access to some premium gyms here in mumbai

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I am also in the same thoughts. I am thinking to opt for sbi club vistara credit card. It gives 1 economy ticket against the yearly/ renewal fees (1499 Rs. + GST), in that way we get our yearly fee compensated. Also we get 3 club vistara points for every 200 Rs spent and milestone rewards. My thought is to keep this card only for discounts during the sale. Please let me know your thoughts / Suggestions.

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My SimplyClick got delivered just yesterday. My idea was to use it for some discounts and the fees would justify it! However, I am hoping to request for LTF conversion after some months but the big question is would they do that with little spends from our side? 

IMO, OP could try LTF conversion! 

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Do after a year atleast...
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