best ayurvedic company ?


Due to highi work load and tention i ahve sleep issue , i was thinking of taking ayurvedic supple ment as it doesnt have side effect

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Melatonin might help if the issue is not severe. Ayurveda may act like a placebo

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Yes that is what I said: none of the companies (that are) into mass marketing.

Still for triphala and other stuff, a close relative still trusts Shree Dhootapapeshwar limited, Zandu.

And their daughter, son-in-law take some medicinal products and chyawanprash type OTC producs of AVS, Kottakkal (Arya Vaidya Sala founded by Dr. Warrier)?

Others take from local medical college come hospitals with ayurveda herbs growing wing.

Also, depending on composition.. even the purest made unani, ayurvefic products CAN have other symptoms to watch out for.
And purity, quality is s myth now. 95% of the stuff sold as ayurvedicactually have adulteration of steroids or conventional modern drugs.

Maybe you could work on treating the cause than the symptoms.

For professional issue or workplace related stress.. different people within the professional circle or seniors from company/ business can be approached.

Shav-aasan or other guided meditation or sleep therapy might help too. But only if there are no other chronic issues diagnosed in your physiology.
Some issues, if suppressed for years, rear their head in a very ugly manner latter i life.. thus getting oneself professionally evaluated is a good idea.

Hope those around you (inner circle) are approachable too and supportive.
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Nothing can make you better if you are stressed and have insomnia like issues. Ayurvedic supplements will not cure your problems but you can take just for your mental satisfaction (placebo effect).

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A glass of Milk without sugar in night (as per ayurveda) will be helpful

Take a walk for 1-2 km daily in evening

Try for a week

If still struggle to sleep, let me know in DM

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Putinjali ayurvedic 🤪

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