Best beard trimmers in market right now

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Hi All, 

Can you please share the best trimmers you have used in terms of quality(power, smoothness, longevity, skin friendly)? 

I have been using philips bt 3000 series from past 5 years. I do also have few other brand trimmers but none come to close to the philips trimmer. Want to upgrade to new trimmer. Can you please suggest from your end? 

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following .. I also vote 10 out of 10 for philips .. need to find which one is best philips model now .. 

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COVID mein ek kharida tha abhi bhi chal raha hai theek se, just needs a USB recharge before use, Chinese import, just like COVID...

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Philips 7000 series

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An old Philips BT990 (only works on AA battery cells) is small/light enough for travel and still works.

But just for the sake of it, had also bought a Wahl one (even smaller) for less space in the shaving kit.

Panasonic ones from earlier gave less battery degradation issues after 6-7 years too, but off late thing are not as good.

In rotary style 'shavers', have used three Norelco (Philips) and a Braun one, but they have their own plus and minus.

Surprisingly the BPL ones bought from Jiomart around the time BPL launched these, are still going double strong.. DESPITE using the trimmer as clippers (scalp hair cut).

Since these used to be available for ₹250-₹350, had thought they would be just as good as the ones sold on footpaths (Nova type stuff).

For the price paid and longevity of service, not much to complain.
The combs though are made of susceptible material. Sudden fall from face height, while the unit was ON, lead to a tooth/comb's edge breaking.
It wad not product failure though.

Among wired ones, Wahl and Remington 'clippers' too are there.

After Philips, in portable ones Panasonic might be worth it amongst international brands.

Else if foothpath type items do not hurt one's prestige and if BPL or reconnect (Reliance's in-house brands) are acceptable then can visit a Reliance store to get a feel of the weight and balance.
But definitely not worth paying as much as Philips, for Reliance or BPL products.
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Bought this 2 days ago for my friend for 1529rs including 10% off code. Now code is removed but it may come back. I'm personality using phillips 3241(older model of above model) since 1 year and I'm fully satisfied with that. 

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Tried Philips and boat ...

Philips better than boat in all department..

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