Best Bob or Federal Bank credit cards

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I'm looking for BOB or federal Bank credit cards  at entry or mid level one's

Can dimers suggest any ?
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Federal take any as currently offering LTF. If you travel a lot by hawa hawai then get scapia variety (co bRanded) celesta then imperio then signet (core cards)

You can get only one card from fed. If you have onecard from federal then you will not get another from fed.

I will suggest to get signet variety from rupay as it gives swiggy voucher on quarterly spends. Please go through the website they have mentioned all the relevant profit loss for card very nicely.

Bob you can try snapdeal🫣

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They r not converting visa 2 rupay sad

I sent mail and tried via twitter, so may be getting rupay variant is not easy

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Present all r ltf, 

Based on your requirements, take cc

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@P_A_N_K_A_J bro, are you sure about onecard federal thing?

I have federal bank onecard. I was hoping I would get one from Federal bank itself as One card can't be used for those offers. @abhishek012

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Based on The number of threads i have seen regarding the same.

Not discouraging for applying. If approved please share for correction.

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Bob snapdeal looks good

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