Best CC with 0% forex markeup and highest reward points?

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Hello Desidimers,

I was looking for the best credit card that provides 0% forex markup charges. Yes, there are many but I wish to add the highest reward points and LTF factors on top of 0% forex markup facility. Consider dynamic monthly forex spend of 25-30k and that is why LTF is needed.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Im not aware of  0% forex and highest reward points in 1 card 

IDFC WOW CC FD based is  0% forex but the reward points are 1 per 150 spend 1 point = 0.25

reward points is not that good with this card

if you still wanna get it dn ne for a referral

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@optmusprime @Demon_slayer 

Axis Burgundy Private Credit Card.

 No forex mark-up on Interrnational transactions.

• 15 EDGE REWARD points for every Rs. 200 spent on your card.

LTF as long as you are a part of their Burgundy Private Client. 

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Take scapia, idfc wow are best here for zero forex... 

U can DM me on @ nebula_world on twitter for more insights 

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Isn't that asking for a bit too much? 0% forex is in itself a great deal, whatever rewards you get on top of that is the cherry on top.

You are already getting the highest reward rate, 3.5% which you would otherwise pay on other cards.

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Scapia FB Co branded card 0% Forex + LTF

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rbl world safari credit card LTF is best which have 0 forex which u can get if u have shoprite LTF which we got after closing of Zomato Edition LTF

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Foreign ATM withdrawals charges on RBL Safari ?

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Received IDFC Wow E card LTF

Physical Card dispatched now

Rip Niyo Global Cc (ATM Withdrawal fees 750+ Gst)

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