Best diabetes test device and tips to reduce

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Today I checked my blood sugar level but shocked after seeing the result ,it is very high 200+ and hb1ac is 7.0 ..I don't have any symptoms or weight loss or anything but these values giving me tension.

Please suggest a best glucometer (low cost, good accuracy).

Also please give me tips to reduce it to normal level.  pray sob
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Hba1c is a better indicator of your blood glucose levels than a normal routine blood glucose test as it tells your the blood glucose levels over the last few months (RBC's have a life span of 120 days so roughly a 4-months indicator) while a routine blood glucose test will tell you the levels at the moment when the sample is collected. For the latter, the glucose level varies depending upon when was the last time you ate (empty stomach or post-prandial). 

Hba1c levels above 6.5% is indicative of diabetes. If you are still not convinced with the test results try to get another test done from a different laboratory (both hba1c & routine blood glucose that includes fasting and PP).

In my experience the spot check glucometers are not very convincing even though you see routine use at hospitals and clinics - probably cause of either instrumentation errors or strip loading error.

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Dr. Morepen, accu Check etc

Before going to doctor,

Take measurements on a sheet at least 4 times for 3 days.

Morning Fasting (without brush)

2hrs After Breakfast

Before Lunch

2hrs After Lunch (-)

Before Dinner

1hrs After Dinner (-)


80-100 Normal Fasting

110-130 Normal (After Meal)

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Get ur hba1c again from a different lab. If it still shows 6.5 or above consult doc .

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Checkout Dr Pal videos on Youtube for reduction tips.

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Since last 3 days I reduced my carb intake and today tested again..fasting glucose level and ppbs reduced now but still in diabetes category..will reduce further

today I tested my cholesterol level also, serum cholesterol is 212 while serum triglycerides is very high 600 sob

Any tips? I don't eat red meat, removed foods like muri/Mamra, arua rice, wheat flour, biscuits, cakes, chocolates completely from my diet since last 3 days

I will meet doctor today or tomorrow, but any tips will be appreciated... Also I have ordered acv

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Carb intake is not directly related to TGL and cholesterol levels.
Less Oil Consumption
Less Packaged Drink and Food Consumption
Workout and exercise for 30minutes-45minutes for 1 year + Intermittent Fasting + Fortnightly Fasting
Long way to go.
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Now my sugar level is in normal range, thanks to my Mom who took the pain to prepare and give me right foods.. cholestrol level also normal but triglycerides is still high (300 ) but better than earlier value of 602

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For diabetes, I started drinking amla, karela, aloe vera and black pepper juice every morning, now it in normal range 98 and 132.

For cholesterol, I started taking Himalaya guggulu tablets , now my cholesterol level is 156 and TGL is 198!

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Accu check is best accurate little bit pricey but worth

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These values giving me tension...u have written this

Tension is the root cause of all disease ....

Khush Raha Karo bhaiji koi dawai ni chahiye ...

Nature m dekho koi bi insaan ke alwa medicine ni le Raha ....

Stay close to nature and ur  own nature also.

Be happy and rest all will be byproduct

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