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Today I got my very 1st purchase orders from nnnow and Im so happy!
The clothes are 100% exact as shown in pics! No dull colours and all and the one that was mentioned as 100% cotton IS 100% cotton!! That never happened b4 in amazon or even some offline stores 😅
The 2nd and 3rd purchases are made in Bangladesh and Mexico with superior quality and also all 3 purchases are new! The oldest being mkd and packed in Aug 2018 and the newest being Jan 2019.
To be honest, I was expecting them to be dull colored and 2-3 years old unsold stock since I got one at 30%, another at 50%, the last one at 80% off … lmao thank goodness its not.
I mean when i bought from offline stores anything at 40% or below, they were 2+ years old unsold items.
Will buy again for the entire family next time or if any wedding invitations come 😁
P.S. I didn’t rate return and replacement/refund policy since I don’t know how it is but someone here mentioned thats it really slow. So be careful and measure your size from offline stores b4 placing your order.

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I agree. The clothes are the same as the image but I am a bit unsatisfied from quality.

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