Best Financial Advice Ever Got

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Deal Subedar
Best Financial Advice Ever Got

so, now days financial literacy is very much important.

I did B.Sc, M.Sc from a very reputed college in India.

Also done MS from a foreign University and all are in scholarship.

So, my parents never had to worry about my education expenses as i did schooling from a very normal govt school in Bengal, then studied in Calcutta University and after completing M.Sc went for MS outside India, so i did so much study from my side but point is I'm still not good at personal finance which i feel very important and should be a compulsory subject in our education system from childhood.

I'm doing just a job, now also feel i wasted so many years on just taking degrees and did nothing about good life, creating any asset or property.

Whereas one of my childhood friend already made a good bank Balance, multiple properties, flats with nice finance management skill. 🙂

So, oneday i went his office and he just said one thing "Think of secondary income sources apart from your job which can only make you something big in terms of finance"

So now i have started learning few professional skills in tech and doing few small freelanceing tasks that easy to manage with job and as those are paid on dollars so I'm quite happy :grin: with that. Target is to buy a flat by this year.
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