Best Good quality & Cheap Eyeglasses for long term computer use.

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Hi Friends,

I am looking for best good quality & cheap eyeglasses for long term computer use.
There are two aspects to any eyeglasses. Frame + Lenses.

Need recommendations on both of them.

1. I am willing to go for reasonably priced rectangular or wayfarer style frame. Which company to go for or could it be street buy thing?
2. Which lenses to go for? Can go for good quality lenses but not very high priced.

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Gujarat Titans Gujarat Titans
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U can never have cheap and comfort simultaneously not in this world atleast

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Still what prices am I looking at? Can you throw some light?

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Frame, you can chose from fastrack or Titan. Lense I can suggest Sigma blu cut(product of Dioptres brand), 1250₹ and 2250₹. DM for further details

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Okay. What about lenses too?
I do see another option. Lenskart is offering Blue Cut thin lens which are their best ones. Having a gold membership can bring down the cost too.

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@gousegvt Any specific range in FT or Titan? I couldn’t find these Sigma Blu Cut lense on the internet too.

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