Best Kids Bank Account in India

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Hey Friends,

Please suggest Best Bank Account for Kids in India. Suggestions will be more helpful for the account which you or Your family members are using.

I searched and Found Bank of Baroda Champ Account is attractive.

Thanks in Advance for your valuable Suggestions.

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Hdfc kids advantage account.

They give a debit card too, might be helpful if you are looking for lounge access for family.

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Okay, their Debit card with Kids advantage account is giving Lounge Access? Which debit card they are offering?

Bank of Baroda Champ account offering Rupay debit card.
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i would rather advise you to open a demat account than a savings account.

You can purchase stocks, mutual funds, bonds, Treasury bills, etfs...

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Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Actually school is asking Bank account number of my daughter. My daughter is in sports. So I want to open Bank account.
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Coming back to the topic, @premsukh29 I have axis, kotak child savings accounts too. However I feel Hdfc is better than them. Too much limitations in the other two.

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Okay, Thanks. Please confirm below:-

Kotak issues Debit Card for Kids account?
Account will be in the name of Child and their parents?
Net banking and mobile banking is also there or not?
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you can also try idfc.. minor account will linked to parent account and get separate debit card, also it will be zero balance account.  but parent has to maintain minimum balance either 10K or 25K depends on the account variant.

Recently opened for my wife(woman power account) and two kids.. all got visa signature card for 25K MAB smile  But i see, now idfc changed visa signature to visa platinum card for the new account.

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I opened account in Bank of Baroda (Bank of Baroda Champ Account). After opening account i got a shock that they are not giving me anything other than Passbook. I complained about them on twitter that facilities written on your website are not provided to me. After 2 months of so many complain finally they offered me net banking for Kid account and they assured me that Debit card also applied for this account. After 20 days, debit card will be at my home. Let c what happened next.

I never have trust in PSU banks but BOB branch is near to me so I opened account.

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