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Guys, need a help 

I am interested in selling my flat. Which website should I use? Any references/reviews would be welcomed. I dont mind being a paid customer also. So can go for premium listing also. Pls share your views

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Best to go for any nearby online mode ....99acres and magicbricks are good...but expect a lot of spam... don't try on olx if u want to live peaceful life there will be lot of non serious enquiries there.....and scamming is more common on olx

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Leaving main/ regular use number on any of these sites is seppuku (hara-kiri).
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You can even use this very website.
There is a classifieds section HOWEVER one has to be careful to post as per the terms, rules of the section.
And although listing there is free of cost, one has to be cautious. Sometimes buyers take the product or the underlying and never pay up.

Apart from the usual listing alternatives that you know of, others will tell (housing magicbriks et al) the other simple and effective way is to instead post in the whatsapp groups of the complex/society and also put up printouts on the notice boards, in the lifts, next to the lit, in the foyer/lobby/ passages.

And requesting those in the whatsapp groups of nearby societies/ buildings to also forward your 'available for sale' message (include the contact detail in the message itself).

And obviously THE BEST (or worst, depends)
'word of mouth' is to let the domestic helps, society security guards/ watchmen/ car washing people and other building housekeeping staff know: that so and so premises are available for sale.
Within 24 hours, the news would have spread to half the universe.

Risk Nuisance with property listing portals is that one ends up getting calls from brokers for years, sometimes long after the property is even sold.

One plus of letting building people and nearby locals know is that, many 'lessee' (those living on rental basis) are looking forward to purchasing property in the same or nearby buildings and thus are easier to connect with.

Similarly off-line agents, youngsters who go for property loan verification purposes/ taking photographs of the property (for which NBFCs, banks give loan) ...all of them to are often interconnected.
Obviously again, one has to be on the guard. In re-sale people often negotiate that seller accept part payment in cash (unaccounted/ black).
Personally I have avoided cash deals with even reputed builders.
But all that is ancillary to your main query.
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Nobroker 99acres magic bricks

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