Best RBL savings account

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Which is the best savings account variant of RBL bank 

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none . junk bank avoid

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Was gonna say the same thing. After I opened an online account in RBL, they started heavy spamming with loan offers and upgrade debit card offers. Like 50 calls in a day. Continued for 3 months and then stopped. Now I get 2-3 calls in a week. 

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using rbl for last 5-6 year, one of the best banks for me

account is 0 mab, rbl's debit cards are really good, in the start they gave me titanium debit card in which ulimited atm withdrawl used this card for atm withdrawls regularly for some years, after that they limit the no of withdrawls

then upgraded the card to signature+, now every month 1000 voucher for spending 1lac+ online

as for spaming, sometime i recieve calls from rm but then i told them not to call

rarely recieved spam calls or messages

balance in my account is always close to 0, they also provide offers from time to time like fund your account with 20k and keep for 15 days and get 2000 voucher etc

also previously many times got the movie pass, which i used to watch movie free for many months, looks like they discontinued this

so, for me rbl account is good to keep as no mab requirment at all

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Which account are you using?

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Open kotak one.. You will get offers too on websites.

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