Best RO water purifier brand with Good service?
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Best RO water purifier brand with Good service?

Deal Captain
Considering both product quality [*filters] & customer support.
Price range within 10k.
Currently Have Hindware , which has the worst service. Every month it breaks down and they replace it with old parts. Worst of Service.
Kindly provide your experiences.
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Go for the rental service now.

RO require maintenance a lot depending upon the water supply so it cost me a bomb when I need to change filter every 6-8 months. I went with Livpure smart RO, paying 600/month for unlimited water, you can opt for cheaper plan if family is smaller and everything is covered by Livpure. Service is good, same day visit, filter change or anything is free of cost.

Check this thread:

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Thanks plus1
Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Eureka Forbes. By far the best after sales service and by far uses the best filters.

By the way Aquaguard is from Eureka Forbes.

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Lunolux (the Asia focussed investments front of Advent International) is the current owner of the company though.

Like with most other 'strategic investors', their focus is more on increasing revenues/growth, market share.

I know, nostalgia is a b¡t¢h, but this often happens with others too.
The other day, someone from 'U.S.' wryly commented about how G.E. made everything from defence equipment (say: aircraft engines) to washing machines.

Had to cautiously remind that the whole consumer electronics (home appliances) division was sold off to the Chinese.
(Only the brand name remains, rest everything else is now under new owners.)
Sadly for me, other Muricans in the group took offence.

Hope you do not take offence. I was merely reminding that now Shapoorji Pallonji Group no longer has any say (or interest) in Eureka Forbes.
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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Using vguard since a year it's good

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Also it provided 2 times installation , I mean if you want to change the location of filter again it's free also check there are more benefits compared to other
Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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LG is good in terms of product quality and service.

If you budget allows, go for it.

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Using the same Kent almost 12 years now. I do service locally occasionally 

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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12 years ? That's insane.
How is the plastic body keeping up?
My previous Purifier Broke from back and fell down in two years.
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Generous Generous
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kent is the undisputed leader .. all others are gimmick . 

Critic Critic
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Yeah our kent grand is a decade or so old as well. It has been working fine except for electronic parts like pcb, smps, and even the pump (diaphragm) started leaking after a while. But all were replaced without much fuss by kent. Charge is high for kent original replacement, but well what can you do. The so called tds controller is bogus anyway, it simply lets in some direct water which increases the tds and calls it a day. However, ours is a old model, so new models might have proper tds control. I can't comment on the quality of the filters btw, not at all. Had the RO removed few months back and now it's a plain uv/uf filter.

To answer your question, the plastic body has held up fine. I don't know why it wouldn't though. Inside and outside both look rather fine tbqh.

There's no such thing as best brand afaik. It's area specific on the basis of after sales. But if I were you I might stick with Dr Aquaguard, again, I'm not sure whether that's the right decision.

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