Best shampoo for Hair fall control ?

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Best shampoo for Hair fall control ?

Can you guys recommand Best shampoo for Hair fall control ?

Usually I use Clinic plus Rs.1 wala 😌 . But now looking for something better if any ?

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Clinic plus is the worst one out there; it creates immense hair fall

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Option 1 : Methi dana powder + dahi + aloe hair mask and then shampoo

Option 2 : Dahi + honey hair mask and then shampoo

Option 3 : Shampoo mixed with lemon juice


oil your hairs on daily basis either with Sarso ka tel or Nariyal tel.

Sarso ka tel mixed with few drops of neem ka tel helps in dandruff.

Yoga and meditation helps you control stress - thus helping in hair fall. Eating mild spicy food and regular walks after dinner can be beneficial as well.

Hard water and dandruff can worsen hair fall. Please keep a close watch on these areas.

If you pratice this for a month and still hair fall continues then go and consult doctor.

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Shampoos will never reduce hair fall as they are constituted to wash-off dirt and oily deposits on your hair to give them a tangle-free shining look, only thing you can expect from them is to not enhance the problem. Try to ascertain the quality of water you are using for bathing or any mineral deficiencies in blood-tests. Only some serums containing Procapil, Capixyl, minoxidil etc. are known to have scientifically reduced hair fall, but are very costly (1000 for 50 ml)  

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Try Natural aloe Vera with lemon. Apply to scalp 2-3 times a week and wash off

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bro...visit a dermatologist if you are serious abt problem. There are many reasons for hairfall. A doctor will guide u better. And you can continue using home remedies also.
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Suggest shampoo for daily use

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Clear or Pantene, if looking for commonly available.

TRIGAINE, if looking for clinically formulated.

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Best Shampoo for Hair Fall: No Shampoo 😬

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