Best SIM card for incoming messages and Calls


I need a sim card that will be able to receive calls / sms without having the need of recharging it frequently.  Also, the recharge to just keep the sim active should be low. 

Kindly share your personal experiences or tag people who can help. 

Airtel - They stop incoming calls probably after 6 days and sms after few more days. Minimum recharge: 155 (28 days)

Vi - Never used, but feel like they even stop incoming calls after 6 days. Minimum recharge: 98 (14 days)

Jio - They stop incoming calls maybe after 6 months or even longer like an year. But Their local showroom guys keeps on calling and begging you to recharge. Also, everyone has jio in family, so really not looking for jio. Minimum recharge ( 149, smartphone only)

Bsnl/ MTNL - No idea about when they stop incoming calls. Poor signal - But that's not such an issue for me, I will compromise. How to buy SIM:- In my area there is no shop selling it, but I can still buy it from ( if anyone has bought sim from them, kindly share your experience, do they charge anything extra?). Minimum recharge:- No idea. Also, is there any lag in receiving sms, for example suppose i am in network area and I request OTP, so will it be delivered late due to poor infrastructure of MTNL. 

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I've still have some old Jio SIMs from good old free data days. Couple of them got terminated but still have 5 active SIMS that work for incoming calls & SMS. No recharge has been done for years. 

Earlier Vi used to never block incoming calls but it's doing now. But on old SIMs (around 10 years) they keep on giving free data plans periodically so it kinda keeps on working but it's random. 

Airtel is very strict in this regard. So no chance. 

BSNL used to be  like Jio but not sure currently. 

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If you are personally using Vi SIM , then kindly share your experience. How long, have you been able to receive incoming calls and SMS without recharging.

Wanted to know about when Vi stops the incoming calling, SMS facility on a number.

I have heard from few persons that even if you don't recharge Vi SIM, they give you free data like in every 21 days and so, your number remains active.

Someone even claimed that they don't stop Incoming calls or SMS like airtel does.

So, for Vi after how much time do they stop incoming or is it like Jio in which your SIM remains active even if you don't recharge for a year or more.

For airtel it's 6 days after plan expiry ( Incoming stops).

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BSNL minimum recharge 107 for 35 days. Also for Grace period 2 customers recharge of 201 for 90 days available. 

Regarding message lag - it is there and Sometimes you need to resend 2-3 times to receive. I am using it at my home and identified locations where network is strong and SMS don't lag 
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Even I have question regarding MTNL. In an earlier post I read Validity recharge of MTNL are super cheap. Can I use MTNL Sim purchased from Delhi in other states (obviously possible in roaming still needs expert advice) and how to purchase it with documents of other state than delhi. 

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buy bsnl sim and maintain balance in it.  They will automatically deduct 2rs for 2 days and your validity will keep on extending

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Now it's 2 rupee per day.

Make correction

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Bsnl plan rs. 397, 150 days

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Get bsnl and recharge 201 for 90 days.

Best plan ever officially. 

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Where ( which app) to check for this plan?

Couldn't find in amazon

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Dont use BSNL and MTNL try to avoid

it has majority of otp issues for sites like dominos and flipkart

even u will not get calls sometimes 

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Jiophone 26 plan. 2Gb data for 28days. no outgoing. only incoming.

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Regarding BSNL


So, once the validity recharge expires, After how many days they will start deducting ₹2 for 2 days, and what if I will not maintain balance, will they straightaway terminate my connection? 

Suppose I recharged my number for 201 plan. What will happen after 90 days? What is the grace period before which they will stop incoming call or they will start deducting ₹2 or they will terminate connection. 

Also, isn't is possible to keep the SIM active by just doing ₹10 recharge and then not using it. 


As per Quora and my research and some other sources yes it will work fine, if there will be network coverage. I am not sure about documentation part. 

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Income call

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