Best trading account (Demat)

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I'm Confused with lots of options for opening trading me for best
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Bro it depends on your requirements:

1. If active trading in derivatives, then don't go with anything other than Zerodha.

2. If only equity investment and equity trading, then you may go with Dhan or Shunya for low/ Zero brokerage.

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Any issues trading derivatives in Dhan?

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Zerodha for a balanced ethical company for long term use 

Groww for a free account but with a little shady company. A company built by ex-scamkart employees & apple doesn't fall far from trees.

Angel One if you wanna use internet like in 2010 but with a long-in-business goodwill company

Any other if you love to experiment

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Ok tnk you any idea abt upstox and tier accounts ?

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Best for me, using from years along with Angle One, Paytm Money.

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Zerodha is the BEST 

Fyers - If you are looking for one with free AMC & Some Hitec Features  - It had glitces some time back ,Once in a while all brokers have it, Fyers used to hang before now i think its ok - Not only Fyers almost all brokers are now almost glich free & 99% RUN TIME.

Shoonya Finvasia - Lesser Feature regarding to chart But - Zero Fees NO AMC No Brokerage - Good one

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Dhan is best... advance charting feature... sclaping beast feature.. 50% brokerage discount for females ... 0% glicthes 0 AMC...  dm me for referral link

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Try HDFC sky
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For "Non directional Options selling"


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