Best way to backup photos and videos( other than google photos)

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I wanted to know if there is another way to keep photos videos safe on cloud as my phones storage is almost full now and google photos only give 15 Gb of storage so is there a way where we can have shared photos at one place without limitation of storage any help would be really appreciated  

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Create multiple Google accounts & use the sharing feature of Google photos.

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Best and free for long time - Facebook.

Change visibility to only me while uploading.

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In your Mind or in your Heart.

Storage Unlimited. blush relaxed no_mouth

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Wow bro such a gr8 C you are

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Telegram unlimited storage

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email attachment , mail to yourself

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Be a part of Microsoft 365 subscription at annual cost of around 600 to 1100, u get 1 TB of storage plus all office paid apps.

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If critical or important for archival reasons, then purchasing some cloud storage isn't a bad idea either.

Various Microsoft products, services often also come with onedrive storage, both Apple and Google too have.

In olden days when e-mails (free services) did not impose as much inactivity timers.. we used to have separate e-mails for arj/rar files split into manageable sizes and e-mailed as attachments.
(Recreating the files, folders required one to recompile the zip/arj/rar files from the fragments.)

Images can always be cleaned off of the EXIF and metadata, if okay to do so and can retsin almost the same clarity even after running through image compression utilities.<,br>
As someone else highlighted, there are pros and cons to having numerous free accounts on the same platform, just for use as a data dump. Hence one has to be cautious.
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