Best way to get 2 fiber connections

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I need 2 wifi/broadband connections at my home & business (2kms apart).

There's no heavy use, so the basic plans like Jio's 30Mbps or Airtel's 40Mbps are enough. I wish there were a 20Mbps plan because even that would have worked. At business, the primary requirement is CCTV streaming & little browsing.

It's a Tier 3 semi-urban place & we don't have many providers. Jio, Airtel, BSNL are there that I know of & the first 2 are reliable.

I wanna know, how to best optimise it overall to pay the least amount possible without too much hassle.

Should I go with Prepaid or Postpaid? Jio or Airtel? Monthly or Annually? 

I do know of Amazon Rupay offer etc. I have Rupay cards & Millennia DC+CC.

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Go with Jiofiber Postpaid and choose 30 mbps plan. Pay bill using Rupay platinum on Fridays.

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Since you are looking for a fiber connection in Tier 3 location best solutions would be depending on the people choice in that area. E.g If Jio has 100 connections, Airtel has 50 connections, BSNL has 30 then it would be better to go with JIO rather than BSNL & Airtel.

If any issue in service guy will come & resolve. If few people are only using fiber connection then possibility of service will be minimal or will have longer wait time.

You should always go with a Monthly plan for few months then move to Semi-Annual & then you can go for annual initially it is not recommended to lock with a provider 

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If the aerial distance (as the bird flies) is not too much for somehow also settling up a WWAN,
and there is financial, technical feasibility to do so (using secured encryption protocols)
then can try to use the home and the office connections by overlapping or have a solo connection with the necessary investments in the required hardware.

You are mentioning that the last mile installation cum service/repair contractors of BSNL aren't that good in the area
else with the cards you have and the offers (including RuPay/Amazon) you mentioned.. it could have worked out amongst the cheapest.

I think some Jio plans they take advance payment, despite calling it postpaid

so prepaid and postpaid are just terms.
Better to check the terms, conditions and pricing of the two, for each ISP.

Committing for 180days, 365days may not really help economise, unless some (cablewallah) vendor of Hathway type ISP or with multiple backbones (Airtel, Railtel, Hathway) is giving some bouquet of services or good offer for six month / twelve month lock-in.

Unless the fibre is cut (during road construction, electricity lines upkeep or some fools doing some unauthorised work) usually the switch/hub is relatively safe from the weather (rain, storm).

Thus at-least for the non copper wire.. that is.. for the fibre line, the reliability (throughput, uptimes) are usually not that big a concern.

But yes, if the ISP completely relies on the local contractor for line upkeep, then whether it is BSNL or any private operator.. everything boils down to the skill, availability and mood of the manpower that the vendor (last mile contractor) has.
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