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I need transfer some amount to UAE, which is the best and cheapest way to do so.
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Dbs Bank can help

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For US, they claim to have lowest charges. Haven't used anything though.


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Unsure of superlatives (best, worst, cheapest) but usually 'hawala' is quite cheap.
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Someone I am casually acquainted with, was telling us
how they accept local (PKR) funds in Lahore, Islamabad etcetera and their counterparts or business partners/ relatives/ acquaintance in Canada, Saudi and other parts.. give the local currency in the respective country to the required party.

When we probed about how can things be managed now that it is impractical to settle medium to large sums in physical currency and things need to be done via wire transfers

they said 'ho jata hai'.

As in, their counterparties in other countries can and do show it as an official funds transfer via the financial system, if needed.
Some accounting entries is all it takes.. for them to keep the funds 'white'.
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Many in UAE too use, so if you can find some CashApp user there who can receive the funds and onwards give it to the final party.

(CashApp is to Divided States of Murica.. what paytm is to United States of Bharat.. but CashApp is not as fraudulent as paytm.)
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how much amount to be precise?

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@dri (directorate of revenue intelligence) has joined the chat.

Directorate of Enforcement has joined the chat.

SBI assistant manager Shuklaji (who issues/sells electoral bonds to the 'donor') will join the chat.
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