Beware - AJIO Account is Blocked For Returning Products

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A few days ago, I purchased two Ajio Gift Cards worth INR 1000 and INR 5000 from MagicPin to buy some clothing on Ajio. I placed two orders on Ajio on the 13th and 14th of February, worth INR 5133 and 3042, respectively. Additionally, I paid 29 INR as a convenience fee for both orders from my credit card, which is non-refundable.

Out of the eight products I ordered, I returned four, and they were accepted and picked up by Ajio. However, when I received my refund in my Ajio wallet (excluding the convenience fee), I was surprised to see that I was unable to access my cart and received an error message saying "Sorry! You cannot place a new order."

Upon contacting customer care, I was informed that my account had been blocked due to excessive returns, which I found unreasonable, especially since they charged a return fee.


Now, the problem is that the refund amount is in my Ajio Wallet. When I inquired about the fate of my Ajio Wallet, they informed me that it is neither refundable nor transferable to a bank account since it came from a Gift Card.

From Customer Support I was given only one option to unblock my Ajio account for two hours. They cannot Unblock my account Permanently. During this time, I can place an order and use my Ajio Wallet balance. Unfortunately, due to trust issues with Ajio, I had to intentionally refuse four items from my order. As a result, my Ajio Wallet currently has INR 5690 from returns, and about 2400 INR is pending as a refund for the items I refused delivery for. 

I would appreciate some advice on how to deal with this kind of situation. I don't care about my account. I need my money back about INR 8000. I am ready to place an order to utilize my Ajio Wallet but I need some time (at least 24 hours) and I need to wait before I receive refunds for the items in my Ajio Wallet I refused delivery for. 

Thanks a ton in Advance!

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Check clothes offline and order them when they give you the unblocked window.
i.e. Jockey Products, Products from the Reliance Trends, etc. where the chances are very low for defective/return.
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You have two options:

  • Do what they are asking you to do, place order within 2 hours. Already choose the cloths you wanna buy and then get your account unblocked and place the order.
  • Escalate this issue to their nodal officer if his email is available. Still if you don't get satisfactory resolution then complain to INGRAM ( consumer helpline) 
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Or buy gold coin

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Can gift card be transferred to other ajio accounts as they have blocked our accounts? Say them if the quality is not good how can you accept a product.

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Please unblock my account 

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