Beware: McDonalds is stealing money paid by Amazon Pay

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So McDonalds is in India for 3 decades now. While I go and buy myself from the restaurant, there are times when I order via their McDelivery app for certain discounts or via Paytm to use vouchers or YONO SBI both of which open their official McDelivery app with special discounts applied.

Anyway so on 9th Nov, 2022, I did order of ₹248 directly via McDelivery app. I tried to pay via Amazon Pay wallet (Wallet was already linked and previously I have paid successfully with it many times). Little did I know that it was entirely broken. The reviews on Google Play are FULL of failed payment orders and refund not received! 

When I tapped pay/confirm order, nothing happened. So I thought maybe the button was not pressed so I tapped again. No idea exactly what happened but 3 times the amount got debited from my Amazon Pay wallet. (₹248 x 3 = ₹744). Still the order was not confirmed/placed.

Eventually I paid with Freecharge and order was placed, delivered, enjoy the food (₹248 order that is). I contacted them about refund for ₹744. They first said "Refunds will be given in 7 working days". (Typical policy of any giant greedy evil multinational billion $ corporation to delay any refund to consumer so they can earn interest on OUR money in their bank account before returning it). But now it's now well past 7 working days and they have still not given refund to me.

Their Twitter is giving unsatisfactory replies like "We are working on this on priority" but not doing anything actually. Today is 10th day from day of failed order, 8th working day if you exclude Sunday as well as day on which order was placed.

Besides complaining on National Consumer Helpline, shaming them on social media and last resort, police complaint, what else can I do?

Beware of ordering from these thugs. I am not even sure they will give a refund because I saw a LOT of tweets on Twitter by many angry people that when payment failed, they never got the refund. I have provided them all the necessary proofs and screenshots of the transaction with order IDs. Amazon Pay India customer service also confirmed the money was sent to McDonalds.

Did NOT expect this from a giant billion $ MNC. Beware of ordering via McDelivery app. Has anything like this happened with anyone else in case of the McDelivery app?

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Contact Amazon n say order not delivered but money deducted. They will initiate chargeback.

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Can amazon do chargeback? I thought only credit card issuer or bank has that power?

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Contact Amazonpay and file A to Z claim.

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This Amazon pay issue is also sometime with Airtel app.

Now everytime I wait after clicking, if money deducted from Amazon pay, no need to process again, it shows success in Airtel app also after some time. 

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But in this case, even after waiting, the order was not placed. McDonalds don't even acknowledge the payment on the order page. Only after paying with Freecharge, they acknowledged payment was made. sad 

I will try filing chargeback/A to Z claim. Thanks all for the suggestions. So far they are saying "Contact merchant" i.e. McDonalds. Or the call is placed on hold permanently by Amazon and never answered.

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similar issue faced by me..... had to follow up on email.... got refund after 10 days after following up for three times
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Read somewhere that for failed transaction merchant needs to refund within 5 days else according to RBI ombudsman, merchant needs to pay fine for per day delay. Someone, who have knowledge in this regard should tell if this is true or not
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But how to tackle this? Because when we raise issue on ombudsman they show complaints regarding bank. How to complain regarding merchant?

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/* Typical policy of any giant greedy evil multinational billion $ corporation to delay any refund to consumer so they can earn interest on OUR money in their bank account before returning it) */.

Is this true? I always thought that they will have current accounts instead of savings account and that will not yield any interest? Isn't it?

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👉🏼 McDonalds/McDelivery still did not give me refund till yesterday 22nd November and was not even replying any more after acknowledging that refund will be given for failed order.

👉🏼 Yesterday, wrote an email to CEO/MD and top people in Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd (HRPL), owner of McDonalds India, West region. Received full refund for failed order immediately today. 😄

Lesson learned: be careful of any online orders, be prepared to fight if some issue arises (wrong product, never delivered, money deducted but not refunded) if you don't want to lose money. McDonalds reputation tarnished in my eyes. 

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I want to know in case of a repeat incident like this, besides emailing the CEO/owner, who else can we complain to (not wanting to involve the police). Like how for banks' failed transactions, there is RBI so banks can't get away with crap. But for such couldn't-care-less companies, where to complain if we want compensation for them stealing an amount like ₹744 for so many days (technically if it's not in our bank account, we are losing interest on it and they are earning interest on it, very illegal). Do we complain to National Consumer Helpline?

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Raise a chargeback. it might take time but eventually you'll get your money. Ask them to show the order details for each transaction. 

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No but I got the money 14 days later instead of 7 days later. Does raising a chargeback give any compensation? They are not allowed by law to hold on to customer's money for so long.
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