Beware of Amazon Cashback offers, applying min cb offer


Earlier amazon used to apply max benefit cashback offer. Now they are applying minimum benefit offer.

1. I had 2 offers, 100 & 120 back on 1500 Essentials. Placed order for 1600, got 100 cb

2. I have 2 offers, Win upto 10 and Flat 10 offer of Fastag recharge. Did Fastag recharge for 100, got rs2 cb

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it is based on which one gets expired first. If both expires on same date min. cashback will be applied. This i asked CC a few years a go. They said if i want to use max wala order and cancel and then again order so that the max. one will get applied

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Interesting workaround. 30 Karma 🛐✝️ given to @playdime subedar lieutenant.

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