Blue cut Vs Normal lens ?

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From the past few days, Water comes from my eyes. Earlier I was using blue cut lenses, but they got broken than using my old normal lenses, that is the reason ? Can we use normal lenses after blue cut or our eyes get used to it ?

Please suggest shoud I use blue cut or normal lenses as many people said that it's a marketing gimmick

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Blue cut helps, even while going out in the sun without looking to use a tinted sunglass... things look a little brownish (but not much to distract)... lenskart blu... I use them sparingly and there have been no issue with regular vision...

To let you know I'm 37 and have been using computers since 1996 for many hours daily... have a lot of health issues, but still, managing without any powered lenses...

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Blue cut

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this blue cut is just gimmick. I had been wearing specs since 2010. Just last year got rid of them.

blue cuts lens gives a slight yellow tint which is annoying, also it looked slightly dirty to others due to yellowish tint.

Now a days good displays already comes with eye protection. So you dont need one.

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Don't use blue cut/block lenses. UV protection is good enough. Consult a good opthalmologist for eye issues. 

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Use blue cut only while workiing on screen. rest places its not that needed. 

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Bluecut wagarh kuch selling terminology h

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Bluecut / Blue Light Blocker lens are just another marketing strategy 
Eyes also needs blue lights 
the only thing we need is don't stare screens for so long that too without blinking eyes 

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