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Anyone here have taken BOB advantage home loan. Can u please tell if i deposit the total loan amount in the linked savings account, will the interest be reduced to zero. And will i need to pay the principal amount only? Also will only principal amount be deducted from the savings account or the normal emi will be deducted and then the interest will be credited back to the account?
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Normal emi will be deducted


Full emi will be deposited as principal amount since there is no interest

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Got it..  Thanks pray plus1

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Iska basic hi clear nhi hai pensive

On OD loans

Search/study online before jumping to such loans

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FYI, i have already taken the loan from BOB. And the interest rate offered is better than what most of the banks were offering. And you are saying as if there is some disadvantage in taking OD loans. If so, please shed some light on the disadvantages of OD loans.

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its best in market as bob doesnt charge extra for od loan upto 75 lakh
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does BoB gives OD based home loan in under construction property as well ?

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