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He has these three cards- Hdfc Milliennia, Bussiness moneyback,upi virtual rupay card. (Limit 98k)

He emailed HDFC bank for card upgrade.

But he got this in reply today-

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While applying from Swiggy application it says that he is not eligible for the card.But why he is not able to apply as floater card ?

He didn't apply from HDFC bank site because her mother applied from HDFC bank site 4 days ago.His mother has three credit cards - HDFC Millennia and hdfc Tata Neu and Virtual rupay credit card.(125k limit) His mother couldn't apply for the swiggy card from swiggy application ( same not eligible error).But his mother had applied through HDFC bank site for Swiggy card and it got rejected.
But why is he rejected because he already have a card? It was supposed to be approved as floater card right ?

Since her mother's application got rejected from HDFC site, he thought that he should email HDFC for upgrade instead of applying from the hdfc site.Because HDFC may reject his application like her mother.

Hdfc bussiness moneyback card is not a good card.That's why he want to upgrade that bussiness moneyback card to Swiggy card.

But her mother doesn't want to upgrade either of the two good cards( millennia & tata neu).His mother wants to get the swiggy card as a floater card.But it got rejected yesterday even after applying from HDFC bank site.And as far as I know it is not possible to upgrade the UPI virtual card to swiggy card.

Now how to get the swiggy card for him and for his mother ?
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Start with cancelling the moneyback card and wait months to apply from swiggy again. Just use the mobile number, e-mail id(Used in HDFC) in the swiggy account.

One more suggestion,

Call CC and tell them to take a request to close all the cards because u need SWIGGY card, they say they can't convert to co-branded cards but i once got in Kotak. Downgraded from a Kotak Premium Card to Lower Variant PVR Kotak Card

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May i know, what does it mean floater card?

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He - she chakra me 🙇‍♂️ Dimag ghum gya 

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