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I want to buy portable Garment Steamer. Budget ₹2500-₹3k.
If anyone have experience of using garment steamer then please suggest.

Watched reviews of Xiaomi, Black decker & Philips garment steamers but still confused as i have never used garment steamers before.
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Used Philips, going good.

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You won't get high performance steamers in this price range... You'll only get portable handhelds which have nearly 50%-60% power of what full size steamers provide.

I've this Usha handheld steamer.

- Its good for clothes which require less temperature to iron, like rayon etc. It also works good for pre-ironed cotton shirts (which have already been ironed by dhobi, but have creases due to folding), such creases can be easily removed.

- You can easily iron 3-4 small clothes (kids clothes, ladies tops, etc) in one go, then need to refill water.

- But if you want to iron a cotton shirt which is freshly washed and dried, forget it. Not only it takes a lot of time & you'll have to do a lot of hard work, even the hand starts paining due to weight of this machine.

- You need to create your own setup. I mean the clothes can't be kept on an ironing stand or table, then need to be hung vertically on a hanger with some hard back support. So how will you even iron clothes with these?
The back support cannot be a wall or a door, as both of them get wet due to the steam accumulation when you start steaming the cloth, thereby getting the cloth also wet from back side (the side that is touching/facing wall/door). If you see full size steamers, like the philips ones that cost 7k-9k, they come with back support, but here, you need to create something on your own.

So think of these 2 points before you buy.

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