Buying A Wrist Watch....Please Suggest

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Please suggest to me some good wristwatches.

Preferred Analog / Digital(Not Chinese smartwatch) / Analog+Digital.

Price: Below 4k range

I'm in my early 20s. I have a wide wrist as I'm obese(Working to improve this situation).

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Get smartwatch though battery will be poor (1-2 days) but will help you with your fitness overall. Suggest you to get Samsung Watch 4 which was available below 8k.

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Got your point. I have tried those fitness bands previously. It becomes annoying wearing them 24*7 also the charging cycle is a big issue. BTW, thanks for the suggestion.
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If you like analog pay a visit to the Titan website.

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Go with Titan, Timex, Fastrack, etc. 

Design as per your choice.

Avoid Smart watches. Don't stretch your budget.

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Thanks for the suggestion. blush

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Buy a chronograph with chain preferably silver colour.

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Fastrack.. 👌 Nothing else

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Would help if update the main post with some of your preferences or at-least the restrictions.

For example, you do find the frequent recharging process an avoidable nuisance.

Some others I know, while buying analog watches, are very particular of not having a golden coloured dial or shining golden coloured strap.

Yet others might prefer only a white dial or only a black dial.
_br> Do you prefer to have a real chronograph ir a dummy looking one on your wrist watch?

Apart from what others have mentioned, if you are looking for vintage/classic looks or even modern looks in usual (automatic/manual) mechanism

then HMT, Casio, Titus, Seiko too are good options.
Although i honestly do not know if a new Titus, Seiko wristwatch in offers can come for 4000 or thereabouts.

And 🙂do not fret about the plus size. So long as you are doing something about it and others free of ailments, long term is all good.
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Thanks a lot for your kind words. I have searched a lot about men's wristwatches these 2 days. I like the design of this watch Amazon Link 1 and would like to buy a similar watch. If you can suggest some other alternatives from other brands it will be constructive.

Again thanks a lot for taking out time for me.

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If you are buying from Titan/fastrack then i have gift card available at discount

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I quite like the design language of Fossil. Have 2 wrist watches from Fossil, another 2 from Casio and then a few slightly premium ones from Seiko and Citizen.

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