Can I book only F&B online in movie theatre without the purchase of the movie ticket?

Deal Cadet
Is it possible to book only F&B online in theatre without the purchase of the movie ticket?

Like Buying movie tickets B1G1 and booking F&B via gift card etc. pl let me know if anyone have done it.
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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Not possible

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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yes you can bms allows doing that, after purchase. you can login and order f&b , using gc.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Some cinemas allow you to purchase ticket from BMS and then later place a new F&B order on BMS for the same ticket booking.?

But remember that not all cinemas provide such options. But I guess all PVR/Inox would allow it.

I remember using this trick several times.

But recently it didn't work for Gopalan Cinemas in Bengaluru and I had to purchase F&B offline.

Blaze Blaze
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In case, you are not getting the option - there is trailer screening show available @ Re 1. Book that and order popcorn 😂

Other option is to buy pvr/inox gc and redeem it offline. (It is a hassle though - Inox staff said twice that network issue. Only on being adamant and asking it in written, the staff redeemed it - Inox Garuda Mall, magrath Road, Bengaluru ). 

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