Can I chargeback a gift voucher purchase done using upi credit card

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Can I chargeback a gift voucher purchase done using upi credit card?

I purchased a gift voucher from site seeing its genuine, (it's a luxe gift card) , and payment option was only qr.

It was a Hunkemoller gift card with 10 percent discount and since i had the icici upi credit card,  used it. After payment i received the card, but when i tried to use it in hunkemoller site it said the card has to be registered first.

I went back to hubble site to check activation process and realised the gift card needs to be activated by sending act code along with the card details including pin, and till now i haven't received even an acknowledgement. When I tried to check balance, it said invalid entry. But never an sms for the activation sms.

This process is from the luxe site. 

Can you guys tell me what are the chances of winning chargeback for a gift voucher.

It was for about 2100rs.

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Did you contact Hubble support?

Or do they have any kind of support?

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I did contact hubble support, they do have support.
they said once issued it cannot be canclled.
I manually activated the card using a link from quickcilver site. but now a new problem arised.
i did check the card and after that instead of checking out the cart, i steped back. 
now its showing as the card has been used already with no order placed

wondering whom to contact 
quickcliver or hunkemoller.

i have informed all 3 parties, but none of them has responded yet.
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