Can I get 5% reward points after cancel the order and get my refund to amazon pay balance?

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I have one question. 
I want to add gift card at 5% value but Sbi cashback card not allowing to purchased after buying Rs.10000 gift card. 
I want to know with Amazon Pay Icici card can I order any product and cancel it and refund the amount to amazon pay balance then will it reverse my cash back of 5% or it will provide the cash back even after cancel the order.

Also sometime back to refund to amazon pay balance option not available. Is there any specific products available on amazon, the refund to source is available?

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You will get 5% cb because your bank ICICI has no idea that order has been cancelled. .

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is this true @Ash-D @Watcher
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The best way to get your account blocked is with a loaded balance....If you're still taking a shot stay cautious.

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Are you saying, You can order a product on Amazon with credit card, cancel the order and get it refunded to Amazon pay balance?

That's not possible.  Atleast I don't think so.

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That's possible bro

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@ricthedem369431 kuchh samajh me aaya?
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It is working in my account bro. But not for all product in some products when cancel there are two options available one is refund to original and another one added to amazon pay balance. If there is any offer applied then option is not showing but in normal order without discount and cash back the option is available. I have checked yesterday.

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I’m looking for 5% cashback with sbi cashback card on amazon pay gift card purchase. I already exhausted the limts on amazon website, please let me know if any further options available to purchase with sbi cashback card. I need 30K balance.

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I heard sbi gives different card number for add on cards. You can get 3 add on per card.

So get an add on for one of your family members, create an amazon account for them buy agc from their account with the add on and use the agc.

You can do this with three addons.

This is something I think should work, I don't know for sure.
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