Can I take Axis Neo to replace MyZone ?

Deal Cadet
As title says I need a card for mainly to have another Axis card so that I can close MyZone.

Please give your suggestions
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If your intention is to have an Axis card for occasional card offers, you are good to go since Neo currently being  offered LTF. If your Myzone is also LTF I would suggest to keep it

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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How can I get it ltf

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Flame Flame
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One person called me and begged me to take the card, as Axis now facilitating 5 CCs. Is this true? I already have 3 Axis cards.

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i also hold 3 axis credit cards and applied for axis kiwi and vistara signature in last 3-4 months but both of the application got rejected, asked customer care they only 3 active cards per customer and 4 cards if axis bank employee
Comrade Comrade
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Axis rejected me...

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