Can someone help me with AU Bank query

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1. I opened senior citizen FD account in AU bank. They wrongly registered it using my secondary phone number (which is linked to Adhaar). When I try to change mobile number, I get error : Please complete secondary registration using CC/DC (which they never gave me). When I click DC not available, I get another error! So how to do I change the mobile number?

2. They also wrongly opened Savings bank account 1 month back, and still havent sent any account kit / Debit Card, which strangely has 200 rupees annual charges. How do I close this savings account and debit card?

3. What is the procedure to close my FD account completely?

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2. I think most banks which allow 0 balance completely digital savings account, dispatch the kit only when they are able to deduct the charges from your account (200+GST in this case) which can only happen once you fund the account. I have a feeling you haven't funded it yet which is understandable since you never wanted the savings account in the first place. So, call/mail the customer care to let them know that you don't want a debit card for your account, if you wish to continue the savings account or ask them the steps to close the account. Upon referring to the services fees document, there was no mention of closure charges, so, it's safe to say, you won't be charged anything for closing your savings account.

1. and 3. I have no idea, never had a savings/FD account with AU.

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Contact au bank on twitter, they are so quick & responsive there

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