Can someone share all time low shares ?

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Hi Guys,

If you have any list prepared or tracking .. all time low stock .. please share!!

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Batti gul to all time low, aap jalaoge kya balance sheet ki batti? Tip: Mentos sirf khaane pe kaam karta hai, balance sheet pe nahin...

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there is option is all screener apps to check 52wk low stocks, most of them are 💩

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this is true almost all the time:) so dont look of low value share when the market is wild:P xD just look for fair value share lol

fair value in the sense, the cost of investment justifies to get it owned

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Don't try to catch a falling knife it is said

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Credit card wali madam ka phone aaya tha sir card lelo

Maine kaha job hi nai hai madam

Kat dia call samne se

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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There was a micro cap stock I was tracking. After poring over its financials and annual reports, I felt like I'd discovered a hidden gem. With a mix of excitement and caution, I began to buy shares, bit by bit. Also told my friends about this hidden gem.

Days turned into weeks, and before I knew it, I had acquired just over 1% of the company. It was a quiet achievement, but what really took me by surprise was realizing that I now held over 15% of the average daily trading volume. I was inadvertently becoming a whale in this small pond!

Patience is key in the market, and I knew better than to act on impulse. Slowly but not so steadily, it reached triple my entry price. I knew the real test was yet to come—exiting the position.

Exiting was a calculated affair. Over the course of a month, I carefully sold off my shares, ensuring not to disrupt the market or devalue the stock. It was a graceful exit and at the end of it, I had successfully sold my stake at about 2.5x the price I'd entered.

This journey taught me invaluable lessons about research, the virtue of patience, and the subtle art of timing in the stock market. It reinforced my belief that even a small investor can make significant waves with the right approach.

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Suggest some hidden gems

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Future Retail: 95% down 😂😂

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