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Can we pay Rent On Redgirraffe through payzapp wallet ?

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First we add money and then pay through payzapp is possible ? I want to know that because we get more reward points this way.
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try paying without adding money
if payzapp wallet option shows along with card option in payzapp interface then possibly you can

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Yes, you can add money to payzapp wallet and then pay your rent via red-girraffe from payzapp pre-paid card (in which your money will get added) n use promocode ‘billpay’ to get 5% cashback – upto Rs 150.. but just be aware of your wallet limits… If your payzapp wallet limit is 10k and your rent is more than that, then I wouldn’t advise loading wallet to pay the rent as you cannot pay partially from 2 cards.

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Yes you can.
But how more rewards? Say rent is 8000 and your 💳 gives 1% 💴 back.
Method 1: load to wallet and get 80 cb. Then pay using BIllpay and get 150. Total 230 cb.
Method 2: add 💳 to payzapp and use that to pay rent. You will get same 80+150 cb
On the contrary, Method 1 is risky as some 💳s give less cb on wallet loads. And if txn fails then 💰 is stuck in wallet!

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I have Indusind Credit Card That Gives 0.70% on utility and 1.5% on wallet load.

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Do you know how to avail free zero balance savings account in indus for Pinnacle card holders?

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Yes, You can avail free Indus Exclusive account. Contact nearby branch.

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Are there any charges/convenience fee for rent payment entirely via PayZapp wallet?

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